Parc de stationnement H. Malot à Paris 12ème 




It is a work hanging on the Viaduc des Arts, which includes 450 parking spaces spread over 7 half-levels, and which hosts on its roof a suspended public garden. This innovative operation demonstrates the relevance of nature in the city based on infrastructure, previously considered as mere technical works and not as resources to be valued.

The entrance to the equipment is discreetly under one of the vaults of the viaduct; the user enters a bright and welcoming hall, high ceilings (room hypostyle), which provides security and well-being. The white concrete (columns, beams and main sails) is used to provide the work with a generous brightness and eliminate the use of paints. The quality and precision of architectural white concrete structures, the harmony of colors and materials, the precise organization of the passage of electrical networks, the innovative design of signage, the comfort of ventilation (largely natural), provide the user with high quality space and service that rewards the park's deep depth and avoids the feeling of claustrophobia. The use of metro-style tiles revives the identity of Parisian basements.