To live and to live united slide by side

Social housings and « Pension de Famille » with BBC Label

Rue des Thermopyles / Paris 14ème

Client: Paris Habitat / Mairie de Paris

Partners: BIG – BET structure

Pénicaud Green Building – BET environnemental

Cost: 2 949 800 €




How to carry out social diversity and to promote generational solidarity within the framework of an experimental project in Paris?

Which environmental requirement, within the framework of the Plan Climate, and which Governance is necessary it to operate?

Such are the stakes in this project, which we undertook in the 14th district of Paris.

The program plans family housing, emergency residences for the homeless people, artist studios, and services in the ground floor opening, outside, on a shared garden.

This work took as the starting point this quotation and was the object of dialogues with the inhabitants and the associations.