Project of infrastructures and realization of a hanging garden

Hector Malot / Promenade plantée / Paris 12ème

Client: Mairie de Paris / DPJEV

Cost: 700 000€




This project enabled us to work on the question of urban ecology emanating from synergies between Infrastructure, Nature and Architecture; it is about a true hanging garden in full Paris, harmoniously anchored in the district and largely opens towards the sky.

The definition of the landscape spaces located above reflects the complexity of the infrastructures (with the 7 levels of car park) located below. Thus, the place of maples corresponds, in infrastructure, with the hall of reception of the car park, while the successive terraces of the garden of scents correspond to the systems of half-levels of the basements and the slopes.

The car park is treated at the same time like urban base of the garden and structure, where architecture has its whole share, with the innovating use of the white concrete and the light in the infrastructures.

The park is designed like a “natural environment downtown full”, favourable with the biodiversity and the multiplicity of the uses, in a set of spaces/environments which supports the sensory experimentation; topography, the water and its system of recycling, the light, the vegetable and mineral matters, are as many federator elements of the garden.