To live a Parisian park

60 housings

Avenue de Choisy, rue du Docteur Magnan / Paris 13ème

Client: RIVP / DFPE / Mairie de Paris

Partners: GEC Ingénierie - Économiste

Cost: 8 610 000 €




In the continuity of the Park of Choisy, with the angle of the street of Dr. Magnan in the 13th district, a realization containing 60 social housings (with Labels HE and THPE), a halt-nursery, and a car park has just come out. It borders in good terms with the complete rehabilitation several suburban buildings, allowing the realization of a student residence, social housing, commercial premises and a cultural coffee.  

The major stake of this project consists in grafting a new part architectural and landscape within an urban framework complexes while offering conviviality and sociability, and fulfilling the requirements of the Plane Climate of Paris.

The buildings on street form harmonious terraces towards the sky, in resonance with the park. Sights fitted out between the buildings let the walker dread the complexity of the small island and its interior garden.

Through this operation we could work on the notion of housing in Paris, in its uncommon report to the light and nature, affirming a love of life downtown, in what there is of simpler, convivial and natural.